Inca Healing

All the Andean Qero Shamans work with the Power of the mountains Apus and Ñustas, they said is where their power resides none can practices the Shamanism practices without having the permission of the Pachamama (Mother earth) and that’s is how the Andean Qero Shamans  can help and heal others the follow programs are ceremonies with healing purposes where the Andean Shamans will release negativities or heavy energy from your body and also from your 5 energetic centers, they can also help ones problems in their daily life like bud luck, union, marriage, job, studies etc.

You will discover to work with the Energy of the Apus(mountains),  that physically and spirituality feed the Andean Qero Shamans, the Mountains are like Qolqas (storages ) of full energy and are connected with the whole world,  the Water with their two special energies like Mama Sirena ( feminine energy) and the Inka Huaskar ( nineth Inca reign the underground world), the Special stones called Chumpis that have a special energy for physical healing. Come and Join us in this Spiritual light path, we are beings full of energy as you.

The Energy ceremonies are ceremonies of connection and reconnection of your own energy and the whole living energy or Kausay Pacha, the Shamans and you will go through the Pachamama ( Mother Earth ) path and align your spirit with the Cosmos so then you can awake your Power or Star so you can walk without fears and avoid negativities in your daily life, also you will empower your energy working with the Power of the APUS or Sacred Mountains.

Come and live the authenticity of Shamanic practices of the Andes, to know more about the Peruvian culture, to know more about Cusco, come and meet the authentic Qero Shamans and their legacy.

Come and join us! in our personalized ceremonies, 1 on 1 healing with Jungle Shipibo shamans, our sacred journeys are based in the Sacred plant Ayahuasca from the jungle and the Wachuma the Cactus from the Andes, Peru Shamans wants to rescue and practice the ancestral traditional process of healing  private spiritual journeys that will include different  Andean and Amazon ceremonies with the main purpose of development of the out and inners selves.

Peru Shamans wants you to experience  one of the most espetacular journeys to your innerself on the hand of the guards of this master plants.

Learn about the shamanic wisdom teaching from the hand of the Andean shaman healers. It is time to reach a deep connection with Pachamama (mother earth) and become stars of light, learn how to work with your energy, clean the “HUCHA” (heavy energy) and convert it into “SAMI” (light energy) work with your profound inner self , you will be guided by Andean shamans and spiritual guides who helped with the ancient Inca energetic temples will help you to discover your own shaman, be guided by the Mother nature to the cosmos to be healed and healing the world in this times.

Halak Joshi – United States Excellent! Enlightening! I will forever be grateful to the Maestro. It was my first time and the ceremony took place in Sacsayhuaman. The sitter Janet who was gonna help me during the ceremony made me feel so relaxed and confident ... Read More
Ryan White – United States Genuinely good people and an amazingly heart-warming experience. Janet took care of arranging everything, which really allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience, which was very positive and uplifting. I can’t say enough about how ... Read More
Bob Keer – Canada I had an incredible opportunity to attend the 2 Week Inka Shaman School. I was hoping to achieve an overall understanding of an Inka Shaman, the core values, the various processes including protections, understanding different ... Read More