Peru shaman is a group of shamans and healers from the Andean communities not just from the Qeros community who preserved their ancient magical knowledge from Incan times as many people known, we are from the whole Andes including the Jungle along with other people as spiritual guides having the same mission to share the true Andean knowledge to people who are interested of-

One Community Called as QEROS and the ones located far from the Cusco city have preserved the authentic way of living, traditions and the Spirituality knowledge, they call themselves as the Last Inca heritage because they did not have any contact with people outside of their community after 1950. That is why they still preserve the authentic healing techniques, the respect for Pachamama ( Mother Earth) the blessings of the Apus ( Sacred mountains) and the contact with the Inti ( Sun ) and Mama Killa (Mother Moon) these Shamans a different from others that are already mixed with the Western traditions.

Peru Shamans has been created by these same Shamans with the unique mission of sharing, we believe that is time of the TARYPAY PACHA ( Time of transformation and Union in the earth) where we need to grow our spirituality and our love, to be united by our hearts with the same mission of transformation.

Peru Shamans has created exclusive programs for Healing purposes, energy working and teaching programs like the Inca Shaman school where one can learn from the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of how work and interact with this Energy world, because we all are energy beings. All our programs are combined with the Andean teaching, ceremonies and visits of Sacred temples around the magic Cusco city.

It is time of transformation, heard the call of the Apus (Mountain Gods), learn the mysterious spiritual temples, let sour your spirit guiding by traditional shamans and healers to not just know the Cusco city as a traditional tourist destination but learn the Andean and Jungle knowledge hidden in the spirit of its people. We have a shaman school project too leading by the same people where with the different workshops you will learn about the Andean shaman wisdom to awake your inner conscious to the magical spirit path and become a shaman too.

Our mission is to share the authentic healing techniques, maintain the origin way of the Healing and Energy working as our ancestors did, teach to the new generations locals and foreigns the respect of the nature, look for a relation, a contact with Pachamama (Mother earth) and how She can help us in our daily day of living, push and help for the TARIPAY PACHA come true and finally become beings of pure light and with practice become as CHAKARUNAS ( connectors of light energy) putting in practice the AYNI the reciprocity between each other reminding of what we give, what we have to offer, the MINKA the community labor for just one purpose remembering always that we need to think in collective and not just oneself and finally the MUNAY the love we have for ourselves and everything that surround us.


The keepers of the ancient knowledge are the Shamans from the Qero community, this community is located there near the Apus the mountains, where the Sky kisses with the earth, where the man walk with the Puma and his mind flies as the Condor does, a place where the cosmic knowledge still alive in their people.

The Qero are the the most respected Paqos or Shamans in the whole Andean area because in the past they have lived, dressed and practice the traditions as the Incas did. They work with a great connection with the Cosmos, they are conscious of a whole living world dividing it in three  the Hanaq Pacha ( the upper world) the Kay Pacha ( This middle world) and the Uku Pacha ( the Underground) and remind us that we are sacred as everything in this world.

Their knowdlege has past orally through generation and generations, by Parents to Children and the Shamans are inicitated by the Karpays (Initiations) in a specific sacred mountain, their power is attached to the nature of a each being of light like the Sun, the Moon, the stars, etc. and they invited us to walk in the Qapac Ñan (the Royal road) the spiritual path, toward consiouness of a living world and respect and protection of nature and being guided by the spiritual guides like the Condor, the Puma, the great Serpent and the Humminbird.


Peru Shamans as a team of Peruvian Shamans and healers have prepared individual and group workshops where you will learn the ancient healing techniques, protection ceremonies, healing wisdom, the thruth meaning of Pachamama (mother earth), the Andean cosmovision, the Andean astronomy, the Andean spiritual inca world, the most important ceremonies such us the Karpay Ayni (inicition ceremony) one of the 9 level in the Andean energetic field and the importance of the coca leaves with the Kintu Ceremony a knowledge kept by the Andean Shamans. You will be trained by the same Shamans to walk in balance with ourselves and our world.

We have designed long and short workshops for beginners that does not know anything about the Inca Medicine but want to learn to put in practice for their lives and for expertice people that want to complement their background of healing with the Karpays iniciations these is more for people already working with spirituality.

We also created a complete full week and two weeks programs where one will learn the complete steps to become a Shaman with the Inca medicine, learning about History, Andean cosmovision and the different healing techniques.

We complement our programs visiting or working on the same sacred sites where have been used for many centuries as energetic places such is Sacred Inca temples, rivers, mountains, depends of what the Shamans want us to be connected with.

Cusco city was consider as a sacred city during the Inca times, because of it great location in the middle of the mountains the Andes, the Apus ( Gods protectors), the sacredness giving by the high priest of that era make us to respect this land and work the same way they do. Come! Walk along with us with the heart in the Pachamama.



We Peru Shaman after having looking how the big bussines under the name shamanism, having used our knowledge to get profit and have forgotten one of our ancient laws which is the AYNI ( reciprocal sharing) and have forgotten the real conextion with their people and Pachamama, is when we Peru Shaman has been created in order to help directly the shamans and healers that arrived from the high mountains where they live and visit the Cusco city once and twice in a month not just help them but their families that usually live far from the city and the economic growing not reach these families.

Also Peru Shaman is trying to recover the ancient knowledge from those healers that stills live in the mountains of the Andes and not visit the Cusco City with projects where we will contact, interview and learn from them and this way to keep sharing with you.

Every time you are hiring our services the profit will be helping the families, will help to support the projects to learn from more Shamans and spread to the world and value the ancestral Andean cosmovision.

Every month in order to practice the TINKUY (the meeting of the people, the meeting of the energy from two different forces, where the paths join in one) we meet every month to discuss and share our beliefs and culture just ask online. Come explore, feel and awake, we are shamans as you.