The Kuychi or Rainbow where also know by the Incas, they said that the Kuychi where very special energy and very powerful, the Kuychi or rainbow usually appears when the raining is coming in a sunny day but there are different kind of rainbows, one that comes from the Hanaq Pacha ( Upper world) this energy according to the Shamans Works with the Tayta Inti ( Father Sun) and it usually around the Sun during the day, there other rainbows that connects the Kay Pacha with the Hanaq Pacha this is the common rainbow we see in the horizon that connects our energy with the the Light energy of the Hanaq pacha ( upper world )  and finally the Rainbow that comes from the Ukhu Pacha a very strong energy to regenerate the energy of the earth that goes from down to up until the Hanaq Pacha ( Upper world).

The Rainbow ceremony consist of working with your energetic body field with the connection of the Kuychi Rainbow, the Rainbow colors will be represent with belts, this ceremony is also known as the belts ceremony working just with the Hanaq Pacha energy.

The Shamans will connect first your 4 energetic points that are represented by four belts and Earth the elements:

  • The Siki Ñawi that will represent the Yana Chumpi ( Black belt) connecting with the Ukhu Pacha energy
  • The Qosqo Ñawi that will represent the Puka Chumpi ( Red Belt) connecting with the Water energy
  • The Sonqo Ñawi that will represent the Qori Chumpi ( Golden Belt) connecting with the fire or Sun energy
  • The Kunka Ñawi that will represent the Silver Chumpi ( Silver Belt) connecting with the moon energy

Finally the Shaman will connect with your last and final energy that is:

  • The Uma Ñawi that will represent the Kulli Chumpi ( violet Belt) connecting with the Hanaq Pacha energy

The Rainbow ceremony consist of working with your energetic body field, this ceremony was programmed for people that wants to know more about the Inca medicine, know the authentic healing techniques of the Incas carried by the Qero Shamans, a reconnection of your spirit with the Kausay Pacha energy (the Whole energy) and open your energy points and recharge with this Inca sacred City energy.

All our ceremonies are very exclusive private less than four people in the ceremony because that is the way the Shamans works.


  • The sun can be strong during the day and the afternoons may be cold, bring clothes for both temperatures.
  • Especial stones or crystals that you want for the ceremony


  1. Itinerary Itinerary

    This is a half day ceremony, you can choose to do in the morning or in the afternoon, we will pick you up from your hotel around 9 am where you will meet the spiritual guide then we will go with the transportation to our Peru Shamans temple located 20 min away from the Cusco city there, there you will meet the Shaman and start with the ceremony.

    • Introduction of the Shamans
    • Introduction of the ceremony
    • Coca Kintu ( Opening the sacred space )
    • Rainbow ceremony

    Then after the end of the ceremony the transportation will take you back your hotel.

    NOTE: In case you want this ceremony in one special sacred temple please let us know we can do program it for you

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Authentic Qero Shaman
  • Spiritual Guide/Translator from Qechua to English
  • Transportation from and back to your hotel in Cusco
  • All the tools we needed for the ceremony

Then after the end of the ceremony the transportation will take you back your hotel.

Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Meals
  • Flights in /out to Cusco




You can schedule the appointment for having any of these ceremonies according of your time or travel schedule because we offer very personalized ceremonies less than 4 people in each ceremony and for the healings sessions, they are very private please contact us or send your booking to or click below.


Please send your reservation with time in advance, consider that the ceremonies are very personalized and the high demanding season. If you want to book you need to confirm the reservation by sending 50% cost of the ceremony, once we confirm the payment we will send you a Booking payment Confirmation form the other half payment you will pay a day before in Cusco city or the same day of the Ceremony or session. Please check your Booking payment confirmation form carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information. Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport.


For payments please follow the link below and follow the steps. Remember all our prices do not include commissions, Paypal charges the 5.5 % approx. for the money transferring.


Peru Shamans wants to care the high standard of service and are conscious that the work we provide are very personalized that is why we do give refunds of 100 % of the payments for cancelations 2 days (48 hours) prior the day of the service after this we do give 50 % of the whole payment including the commissions Paypal or other way of Payments ask for the money back transferring. For programs that Includes Machupicchu tours, ceremonies or healing in this archeological site, we do not give any refunds because all the bookings are made with prior of time and they are already bough in order to ensure our services, but you have the chance to move the date adding the 10% in the entrance, train and bus tickets according to the Direccion Regional de Cultura of Cusco.