Shaman School

Peru Shamans as a team of Peruvian Shamans and healers who has prepared individual and group workshops where you will learn the thruth meaning of Pachamama (mother earth), the Andean cosmovision  a knowledge kept by the Andean Shamans know as Qeros and Shipibo, from Andean and Jungle communities.

We have prepared different programs where you will learn about the Andean cosmovision, the Andean astronomy, the Andean spiritual inca world, the Andean healing, and the master plants such us Ayahuasca and Wachuma and you will be trained by the same Shamans to walk in balance with ourselves and our world.

We will learn about the Andean healing Techniques and protection rites. The most important ceremonies such us the Karpay Ayni (inicition ceremony) one of the 9 level in the Andean energetical  field and the importance of the coca leaves with the Kintu Ceremony.

Come! Walk along with us with the heart in the Pachamama.