Inca Healing

All the Andean Qero Shamans work with the Power of the mountains Apus and Ñustas, they said is where their power resides none can practices the Shamanism practices without having the permission of the Pachamama (Mother earth) and that’s is how the Andean Qero Shamans  can help and heal others the follow programs are ceremonies with healing purposes where the Andean Shamans will release negativities or heavy energy from your body and also from your 5 energetic centers, they can also help ones problems in their daily life like bud luck, union, marriage, job, studies etc.

You will discover to work with the Energy of the Apus(mountains),  that physically and spirituality feed the Andean Qero Shamans, the Mountains are like Qolqas (storages ) of full energy and are connected with the whole world,  the Water with their two special energies like

Mama Sirena ( feminine energy) and the Inka Huaskar ( nineth Inca reign the underground world), the Special stones called Chumpis that have a special energy for physical healing. Come and Join us in this Spiritual light path, we are beings full of energy as you