The Shamans



Maestro Alejandro Apaza is from the Qero community,  he is the leader and one of the guides of our Shaman school, he is 65 years old, he is  Pampa mesayoq ( High Level Shaman who works with the energy of the Mother earth), his knowledge was transmit from his father and the well know Shaman Andreas Apaza his Grand Father, he comes from a High level Shamans from this ancient Culture of Qero, he is well experience in healing and energy work. Actually he lives and work in the magic Qiqo community in the High lands of the Qero Nation. He also travels visiting different countries in the world taking with him his beautiful energy and his teachings.



Maestro Justino is son of Alejandro Apaza, He comes from the Qiqo village from the Qero community but he lives in Ocongate a beautiful Andean village located in the feet of one of the most powerfull mountains in Cusco city, the Ausangate mountain, the main protector spirit of Cusco. He is a PamPampa mesayoq ( High Level Shaman who works with the energy of the Mother earth) all his knowlodge was transmit from his Father Alejandro, we must say that his smile, heart and good energy makes maestro Justino one of the best Shamans.



Maestro Agustin comes from the Qero community from a small village called Hatun Qero he is 60 years old and he is very friendly and warm heart, he is very well know for his healing powers using different tools but mainly the Chumpis or the stones of the 7 powers. He is well accurate with the Coca Leaves divination, we call him the guardian of Pachamama because his Love to Mother Earth and the Cosmos is unique making this very easily for him working with these forces.



Mestro Miguel is one of our oldest Shamans, he is one of our founders and part of the PeruShamans projects, he leads the Shamanic School in the Pucallpa Jungle of Peru, he has more tan 40 years working with Ayahuasca sacred plant and healing with other medicinal plants too, His knowledge comes from his Grandfather and father from the Shipibo tribe his Icaros are unique and very powerfull healing songs


Maestro Ismael is son of Miguel he is 38 years old, he started the medicinal path very Young, he first starting as a cooker of  the medicine preparing the Ayahuasca and Chacruna for many hours, when he was 14 years old he started the medicine path following the steps of his Father now he has more  24 years working with the Ayahuasca medicine plant as a Shaman, healing, connecting and cleansing people, he has a Young spirit always saying to smile in life.




Maestro Lucio is one the very youngest Shamans but one of powerfull Shamans his healing songs are just unique and very powerfull he started very younf the medicine path, his Father taught all what he knows now, He is very friendly and has a very peacefull spirit, he is 26 years old with more tan 15 years of experience working with the Ayahuasca sacred plant, he comes from a very respecfull linage of Shamans “Mahuas” the most respect Shamans in  the Jungle of Peru Pucallpa.