icaros songs

The Icaros songs of healing


The ICAROS are songs that the Shipibos Shamans sing during the Ayahuasca ceremony, they are chanting songs that thanks to the influence of drinking Ayahuasca, the shaman use to  communicate and modulate the energy in favor of the patient.

There are different kind of Icaros, and each one has their own power and purpose, Peru Shamans is working in order to rescue and make prevail the better way to use the Icaros during the healing process.

The Shipibo Shaman most of the times will start the ceremony with a cleansing Icaro song because most of the people are expose to negativities like, the use of chemical products, pollution, violence, social pressure, etc. After that, the Shipibo shaman will continue with the respective Icaros song according to each person’s needs. Once the treatment is finished (it could be from 1, 2 or 3 ceremonies) the Shipibo Shaman is in charge to sing the most important Icaro, which is the protection song.

We have been noticed that when the process is not complete with the protection song there are spiritual channels are still open which takes the person to be confused, feel frightening, anxious, etc that’s why Peru Shamans is following the process where the Spiritual guides have the task to make sure that the Shipibo Shamans follow our way of healing.

The Icaros from the perspective of modern science have different concepts such us the physician Joël Steinheimer who thinks that all the healing songs (Icaros, kamlanies), are inspired by shamanic trances model on the vibratory structure of some human proteins.

The Icaros combine with the medicine Ayahuasca can produce synesthesia perceptions, for example any sound, melody of a song or from an instrument can become visual too, that is a typical effect of the Ayahuasca communication with the spiritual world.

When a Shipibo Shaman is a real Shaman and had been completing his diets and has a large education, his Icaros may call in the energy of a stream or sacred waterfall to wash away illness or that of brightly-colored flowers with the power to attract good fortune. The Shaman may also call to the spirits of specific plants to effect healing and cleanse the energies of those in the ceremony. As the shaman sings you might even see these things in your visions (ayahuasca was once known by the scientific name telepathies because of its ability to work in this way). Another common experience is to see rainbows streaming from the shaman’s mouth as he sings to you, becoming white light or healing colours as they enter your energy field.

Healing takes place as the vibrations of these songs rearrange the patterns, waveforms and frequency of your energy system, also empowering and directing the Ayahuasca brew you have drunk so it can act with greater intensity and focus on your behalf.