The keepers of the ancient knowledge are the Shamans from the Qero community, this community is located there near the Apus or the mountains They live in Peru in the Central Andes at a height of 4000-5000 metres, where the Sky kisses with the earth, where the man walk with the Puma and his mind flies as the Condor does, a place where the cosmic knowledge still alive in their people.

The Qero are the the most respected Paqos or Shamans in the whole Andean area because in the past they have lived, dressed and practice the traditions as the Incas did. They work with a great connection with the Cosmos, they are conscious of a whole living world dividing it in three the Hanaq Pacha ( the upper world) the Kay Pacha ( This middle world) and the Uku Pacha ( the Underground) and remind us that we are sacred as everything in this world.

For centuries the Q’ero Shamans have lived isolated from the outside world and they have been able to make themselves untraceable during the Spanish invation. Thus, Q’ero or Inca shamanism has been preserved in its pure, original form. The Q’ero shamans can be male or female. They distinguish more types of shamans, amongst which the shamans of Mother Earth, they are called pampamesayoq shamans who work with the Mother earth energy, and the shamans of the spirits of the mountains, or the altomesayoq. They call themselves paqos, priest healers. Their knowdlege has past orally through generation and generations, by Parents to Children and the Shamans are inicitated by the Karpays (Initiations) in a specific sacred mountain, their power is attached to the nature of a each being of light like the Sun, the Moon, the stars, etc. and they invited us to walk in the Qapac Ñan (the Royal road) the spiritual path, toward consciousness of a living world and respect and protection of nature and being guided by the spiritual guides like the Condor, the Puma, the great Serpent and the Humminbird.

Giving the Sacred Coca leaves to the Mountains

The Andean shamans believe in the living energy directed by the cosmos called Kawsay Pacha and the Mother earth, called Pachamama. These are the two main energy sources for them. Q’ero shamans are masters in the practice of energetic healing. According to their tradition everything is connected. In their views illnesses and for instance traumas attach themselves to the energetic field around our bodies. By cleansing this energetic field recovery can be accomplished and an illness can be healed before it manifests in the body. The basic assumption is that an illness or a defect means a disruption of balance: within a person as well as in relation to other people and the world around us. Restoring this balance can result in the recovery of all kinds of ailments.

Qero Shamans believe that is time of the TARYPAY PACHA ( Time of transformation and Union in the earth) where we need to grow our spirituality and our love, to be united by our hearts with the same mission of transformation.