Since hundreds and hundreds of  years here in the Andes we have a traditional ritual the Ceremony or offering to Pachamama or Mother earth which according to our Andean Shamans is the connection to the Cosmos,  to present ourselves as spiritual beings and say thank you to our Mother who even if we forget of her sometimes she is there for us waiting for a little moment where we will realize of the beauty of every part of her.

When my parents were talking about Pachamama (Mother Earth) when I was a kid I never imagined that was the most beautiful feeling someone could felt,  they always taught me that She is our mother, she provides us the food, she  gives us our clothes, she is there for us and we do not have to forget, she is first, I never understand until this moment, just now standing here in front of our Andean Shaman who talks about her so carefully saying she is the Cosmos, we are part of her, we have to walk with her with our open hearts.

I remember my Dad telling me stories about how my ancestors did the CEREMONY FOR PACHAMAMA – MOTHER EARTH which was more than  say thank you, it was a connection of their spirits, to be reunited as a family, to care each part of the land and the nature because they think we are a part of her, usually my Grand father was the one who start the ceremony setting in his special sacred mantle a bunch of Coca leaves and then they will offer goods and the biggest crops from the past harvest season and while he was putting in his mantle he was saying to our Mother we have to offer the best from us, after that he and his olders children will start to climb the mountain that has a Puma shape where finally He will burn it but according to his beliefs none can see while the Apus (mountains Gods) and Mother earth are eating and while they were climbing the mountain everyone who was part of the ceremony need to wait until everyone returns making prayings for Pachamama.

Nowadays the Andean Shamans still do the rituals and ceremonies for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and they are trying to tell everyone to return to her, to hear her calling and do not forget of her. These ceremonies consist to built an offering like a mandala with the goods, products, sweets and coca leaves, while they are doing the ritual they are asking not  just for us but for the world as one.